Trusted Numbers

With Text My Wedding you can send messages to your wedding guests via your cell phone without logging in. This is done with Trusted Numbers. Only paid plans have access to trusted numbers

Sending a text with a Trusted Number

1. Add a trusted number

  1. Navigate to your Settings
  2. Click Trusted Numbers in the settings menu
  3. Add a trusted number and click Add Number

2. Send a message from your phone

  1. Send a message with the text "Send a message" to your purchased number Text my wedding send a wedding text message from your personal phone
  2. Reply with the group number you want to send the message to. At this time you can only send to one group from your personal phone Text my wedding reply with group number wedding text message
  3. Reply with the message text you want to send Text my wedding reply with text message text for wedding text message
  4. Confirm the message details. Reply "Yes" to send the message or "No" to save the message as a draft Text my wedding confirm sending text message from phone