Wedding Planning Checklist for Coordinators

Wedding Planning Checklist for Coordinators
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson

Wedding Planning Checklist for Coordinators

Whether you're a wedding coordinator or a couple planning your own wedding, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of tasks involved.

To help you stay organized, we've created a complete wedding coordinator checklist. This comprehensive wedding planning checklist covers everything you need to do as a coordinator.

Pre-Wedding Responsibilities

3 Weeks Before the Wedding

  • Vendor Review: Confirm all existing arrangements with vendors.
  • Event Timeline: Develop a detailed timeline for the entire wedding event.
  • Final Guest Count Confirmation: Confirm the final number of attendees with the caterer and venue.
  • Seating Chart Finalization: Complete and review the seating arrangements.
  • Wedding License Reminder: Ensure the couple has obtained their marriage license.
  • Backup Plans: Develop contingency plans for weather and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Last-Minute Requests: Address any special requests or changes from the couple.
  • Final Dress Fitting: Coordinate with the bride and/or groom for a final dress/tuxedo fitting if needed.

1 Week Before the Wedding

  • Vendor Management: Reconfirm details with all vendors and venue staff.
  • Communication Plan: Establish that vendors should contact the coordinator on the wedding day.
  • Logistics Coordination: Confirm vendors' setup locations and arrival times.
  • Cultural or Religious Elements: Confirm any specific cultural or religious practices or traditions to be incorporated.
  • Sustainability Considerations: Ensure any eco-friendly practices are prepared and communicated to relevant parties.

Wedding Rehearsal

  • Rehearsal Coordination: Assist with the wedding rehearsal, focusing on the processional, ceremony, and recessional.
  • Wedding Party Briefing: Ensure the wedding party understands their roles and timings.
  • Officiant Collaboration: Work closely with the officiant for rehearsal flow
  • Ceremony Rehearsal: Conduct a brief rehearsal or walkthrough, especially if there are complex elements in the ceremony.
  • Vendor Coordination Sheets: Distribute detailed coordination sheets to each vendor for easy reference.
  • Digital Checklists and Updates: Utilize digital tools or apps for last-minute updates and checklist management.

Day-Of Wedding Responsibilities

Morning Preparations

  • Hair and Makeup Scheduling: Coordinate timing and logistics with stylists.
  • Vendor Deliveries: Oversee the delivery and setup of food, flowers, and other items.
  • Wedding Party Assembly: Distribute bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.
  • Photography Coordination: Manage locations and timings with the photographer.
  • Transportation Logistics: Arrange arrival and parking for the wedding party.
  • Dressing Assistance: Help the wedding party with dressing.
  • Emergency Kit: Prepare and have on hand (e.g., first aid, sewing kit, stain remover).
  • Final Venue Check: Confirm all setup details at the venue.
  • Personal Item Care: Take charge of personal items for the couple (e.g., phones, wallets).
  • Welcome Signage: Ensure proper placement of welcome signs and directions for guests.
  • Ceremony Readings and Vows: Ensure that all readings and vows are prepared and with the right people.
  • Accessibility Considerations: Ensure arrangements are in place for guests with special needs.
  • Time Management: Keep track of time to ensure the event adheres to the schedule.

Ceremony Management

  • Guest Seating: Direct ushers/groomsmen for efficient guest seating.
  • Ceremony Setup: Ensure proper arrangement of items like aisle runner, candles, etc.
  • Audio Coordination: Finalize details with DJs/musicians, including sound checks.
  • Ceremony Timing: Coordinate with the officiant and cue the start of the ceremony.
  • Processional Management: Organize and cue the wedding party for the processional.

Reception Oversight

  • Setup Supervision: Confirm correct setup of decorations and seating.
  • Catering Confirmation: Align with the catering team on meal timing and specifics.
  • Event Amenities: Set up the guest book, champagne flutes, cake cutting supplies, etc.
  • Event Flow Management: Oversee the smooth transition between cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing.
  • Special Moments Coordination: Align first dance, toasts, and other key moments with the band/DJ and photographer.
  • Lost-and-Found Setup: Establish a designated area for lost items.
  • Vendor Payments: Handle the distribution of payments and tips.
  • Favor Distribution: Set up and manage the favor table.
  • Gift and Décor Coordination: Ensure safe packing and transport of gifts and personal items.
  • Transport Coordination: Arrange transportation for the couple and guests as needed.
  • Emergency Response: Stay accessible for any troubleshooting or emergencies.
  • Guest Comfort: Ensure comfort for guests, like having fans or heaters available depending on the weather.
  • Children’s Area: If applicable, set up and supervise a children's area or arrange for a babysitter.
  • Unexpected Guest Management: Be prepared to accommodate unexpected guests.

Post-Wedding Follow-Up

  • Vendor Feedback: Gather and provide feedback to vendors. This could include online reviews or personal thank-you messages for their services.
  • Item Returns: Ensure all rented or borrowed items are returned to the respective vendors or owners promptly.
  • Thank You Notes: Assist in organizing and distributing thank-you notes to vendors, helpers, and guests as appropriate.
  • Photography and Videography: Coordinate with the photographer/videographer for the delivery of photos/videos to the couple.
  • Lost Item Return: Follow up on any items left behind by guests and coordinate their return.
  • Honeymoon Coordination: Assist with any last-minute details or confirmations for the honeymoon, if part of your services.
  • Review Meetings: Schedule meetings with the couple post-wedding to review the event and gather feedback for your services.
  • Professional Photos for Portfolio: Request a selection of professional photos from the couple for your portfolio, if appropriate.
  • Social Media Management: Offer to assist with or manage postings of wedding photos on social media, if required.
  • Financial Reconciliations: Assist the couple with finalizing any outstanding payments or budget reconciliations.
  • Wedding Dress Preservation: Guide or assist the bride in arranging for wedding dress cleaning and preservation.
  • Memory Book Creation: If offered, assist in creating a wedding memory book or album with selected photos and mementos.
  • Final Check with Venue: Ensure that there are no outstanding issues or items left at the venue.
  • Anniversary Reminder Setup: Offer to set reminders for sending anniversary wishes or organizing future anniversary events.

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