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Remove stress from your wedding day. Keep your wedding party on guests on schedule. No apps required.


    "Text My Wedding kept our guests informed throughout the day. We were also able to inform everyone of a last minute change after the reception. Our favorite part was waking up the day after to everyone's photos in the photo feed."

    Mark and Anne Marie
    Anne Marie & Mark

    Group Wedding Text Messages

    We know planning a wedding is stressful.

    Remove stress by proactively keeping your guests informed via texts before, during, and after your special day.

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    Example Wedding Text Use Cases:

    Send RSVP reminders

    Give your guests the gentle nudge to RSVP so you can button up your vendor contracts and payments.

    Remind guests of the weather

    Have guests traveling to upstate New York from Florida? Remind them it may be a wee bit cooler than the beach in Miami.

    Keep the dress in check

    Don't want cousin Mike to show up to your formal wedding in an Affliction shirt? Remind guests of the dress code in advance.

    Keep your guests on schedule

    Send out maps, photos, and schedule reminders to keep your guests on track.

    Thank your guests for being part of your special day

    You won't be able to see everyone the day after to thank them for coming. Send a text thanking them (don't forget to sneak in an ask to send photos).

    These are only a few of the example use cases. The only limit is your imagination.

    The all-on-one wedding texting app

    Spend time enjoying your special day - not texting your guests 1 on 1.

    Text My Wedding has all the features you need from a wedding texting app. Your guests will thank you.

    Send immediate or schedule messages

    Schedule in advance and forget it or inform guests of changes due to weather or other factors outside your control.

    Quickly create messages with templates

    Our easy-to-use templates will have you up and running in no time. Send maps, schedule reminders, or create your own message.

    Group your guests

    Worried the groomsmen will be late? Send a text the day before reminding them of the schedule. Easily keep everyone on schedule.

    Collect Photos

    Ask your guests to send photos back to your number. View the photos in the photo feed and share the feed with your guests if you'd like. Easily download all the photos to keep them forever.

    No Apps Required

    No need for you or your guests to download an app. Our web platform is mobile friendly or send messages from your personal phone via SMS with a paid plan.

    No need to worry about reply all...

    All guests will receive messages individually so they can't reply all to your guests. You can dance in peace knowing uncle Larry won't send a message to the whole group at 12 AM...

    Video Demo

    See Text My Wedding in action:

    Ready to dive in?Remove wedding day stress.

    Send and schedule messages to your guests. Collect photos and more.

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