Adding guests

You can import or manually add your guests in Text My Wedding.

Import your guests

You can easily import your guests via a csv file.

1. Set up your import file

If importing via CSV you must use the following headings if importing that field. You can download a sample file here .

  • firstName - Guests frist name
  • lastName - Guests last name
  • phone - Guests phone number
  • email - Guests email
  • ddress - Guests main address
  • address 2 - Guests 2nd line address like apartment number
  • city - Guests ciy
  • state - Guests state
  • zip - Guests zip code

2. Import your file

To import your file:

  1. Navigate to your Guests
  2. Select Import Guests
  3. Select or drag and drop your import file
  4. Click Complete import

Import text my wedding guests

Manually adding a guest

If you have a one off guest you can manually add their info into your database.

  1. Navigate to your Guests
  2. Select Add Guest
  3. Enter your guests info
  4. Click Save

Manually add text my wedding guests