Import via CSV

You can easily import your guests into Text My Wedding via CSV file. If you are having trouble importing, please use the chat to send us your import file and we'll format it for you.

Import your guests

First, download our template:

Formatting your own template

If importing via CSV you must use the following headings in this order. You can

download a sample file here
  • First Name - Guests first name
  • Last Name - Guests last name
  • Phone - Guests phone number
  • Email - Guests email
  • Address - Guests main address
  • Apt/Unit - Guests 2nd line address like apartment number
  • City - Guests city
  • State - Guests state
  • Zip - Guests zip code

To import a csv file

  1. Navigate to your Guest Management
  2. Select Import Guests in the upper right
  3. Click "Choose file"
  4. Confirm your guests info in the table
  5. Click Complete import in the bottom right

Import text my wedding guests