Bulk Importing from Aisle Planner

Step 1: Export Aisle Planner Guest List

Navigate to the Guest page on Aisle Planner and Click on the Guest Export Button. asileplanner_image

Step 2: Upload your Aisle Planner File

Login to Text My Wedding and navigate to the Bulk Guest Import page. Click on the upload area and select your Aisle Planner Guest List.


Step 3: Select the Correct Worksheet

Select the Guests worksheet from the select dropdown. This is the worksheet that contains all of your guest contact information.


Step 4: Select Field Mappings

Select the correct field mappings. For Aisle Planner, you may need to manually add a phone number column to your spreadsheet after exporting. The rest of the fields should map exactly to Text My Wedding's like this:


Step 5: Confirm and View the Results

After confirming your import, you'll see the results:


These results will tell you how many guests were successfully imported, which guests were not imported due to errors, and which guests were skipped as duplicates. You can confirm which guests and groups were imported by navigating back to your Guests page.